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  • 2017
    Wunder Minds Web Portugal (DM7)
    The creative web agency DM7 was founded five years ago. This team provided WordPress website solutions to companies in the Lisbon region. After the capital injection earlier this year, this company continues under the name Wunder Minds Portugal and supplies UX/UI design, custom websites and apps, WordPress websites and apps and landing pages to European and Latin American companies.
  • 2019
    Wunder Minds Software
    This company realizes international software solutions. From tailor-made solutions to optimizing IT processes. Future proof is what they stand for.
  • 2022
    Wunder Minds Group
    A team of digital specialists with a proven reputation in online solutions, innovative websites, platforms, and applications. With a team of 15 driven talents, we know how to develop and maintain future-proof solutions.
  • Wunder Minds Web
    Everything involves web technology. This team aligns the industry context and business objectives with a custom design and mobile first creation. The result is a website with a faster loading time, user-friendly interface to reduce bounce rate and increase online conversions!
  • Wunder Minds Outsourcing
    Managed, remote or in the office. With our outsourcing branch we supply the right people on a project or hourly basis. This is the only way we can achieve results with project management and product ownership.
  • Wunder Minds Labs
    Our specialists know how to bring marketing and tech together. In this way we create software solutions that are profitable in the commercial landscape.
  • 2023
    Wunder Minds Academy
    The world continues to change, technologies are accelerating and the urgency to optimize is therefore becoming more acute. But where should you start, and which plan should you follow? Our learning program shows the curriculum and practical test moments step-by-step.


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